Cheers to Cincy Chic

Cheers to Cincy Chic for raising 1k donations for the Art Alliance on July 25, 2014 at the Wearable Art Fashion Show. The Art Alliance has many beneficial programs for our community; specifically one of the programs Take Part is one of my favorites. Take Part gives all children in our region the opportunity to attend Art Summer Camp. Take Part provides funding for those families that may be going through health issues, academic problems, or financial hardships to attend summer camps and art events.

This was the first Cincy Chic event that my seven-year-old daughter has attended and we had blast! I was impressed at how well she interacted with the venders and how tentative she with everything going on. The venders treated my daughter just like another attendee at the event. She was on cloud 9.

The fashions and jewelry designs were from the boutique Atelier, and the amazing jewelry designs were by Arlene Aranzamendez, owner of Atelier. Arlene is a long-time jewelry designer and her work speaks for itself.

A toast to success to Cincy Chic! Their events are always top notch while raising money and awareness for important organizations that help our community. Enjoy, give back, and share a wonderful experience with love ones.

Frosted in Cincinnati

The snow fell and fell, welcoming CinciFrost2 at The Mad Frog Saturday night. A blank slate to kick off the night for an all female DJ line-up. Let the games begin! The Mad Frog was bumpin and jumpin with all the makings of an epic night. Hot girls with lighted hula hoops, awesome beats, and a diverse crowd filling each room was the perfect introduction I needed to Cincifrost2. Seriously, how did I miss the first one???

Shout outs to Up All Nite Productions DJ Petro  for putting on this awesome show and doing such a great job of creating anticipation and excitement leading up to the event. The DJ’s did their thing and kept the crowd moving. I was thankful that their was a detailed play list, located in the hallway, so I would know who was on deck.  Especially since, that is the only way to know who is playing and where.  DJ’s please get some signage so we know what awesome artist we are listening to.  There are enough talented graphic designers in this scene that every DJ should have their name or some type of logo for themselves. After all, it is a business and a personal brand is important to any business or artist.  Cincifrost2

DJ Forest Green headlined this event with pure style and grace.  She captivated her crowd and her hype man kept us all aware of what was going down.  I was super stoked to check out Nina Lowe from Lexington and she did not disappoint, with some sick beats and her hot look!  Our very own local DJ Gretel, from Groove Squad Entertainment was definitely making it happen!  She is an awesome little chic with spunk. This was only her second show, and she was riding high on endorphins from nailing it! I didn’t get to see her play, but I will be looking forward to her next gig for sure!

It was great to see the local support filling the venue, especially with the weather conditions.  Nothing was keeping these fans from coming out and having a blast!

What was your best highlight of the night???

Sandmann Toy Drive New Venue for 2014

She had attended an art exhibit at the YWCA in downtown Cincinnati and the theme was domestic violence. The morbid display of the theme really affected Jennifer. There was a black table with black seating, and bouquet of dead roses for the centerpiece. At each place setting, there was a picture of a woman and a description of how she had been murdered by domestic violence. In addition to this mind altering scene, there were stories and drawings from children on the wall. It was during this experience that it became clear to Jennifer how she would spend her next birthday.

Her mission was to have her friends celebrate her birthday by bringing toys to donate to the YWCA, for children’s birthdays through out the year. Giving these children a chance to be a child during difficult and confusing times is truly a birthday gift Jennifer can live with. A little entertainment and distraction from reality is all she had intended for the children at the shelter. However, seven years later it has grown into much more.

This annual event has become a great source for family and friends to stay connected while making a difference in the lives of children. This year there will be Karaoke, food, drinks, many raffle items, and split the pot.

Join Jennifer, for the Sandmann Toy Drive, at her new location, on  January 4th at Betty Bar, 301 West 5 St. Cincinnati, OH 45202. Help make a difference and lets toast to success, this honorable event.

Sandmann Toy Drive 2013

Black-n-Bluegrass RollerGirls

It was so exciting having the Black-n-Bluegrass RollerGirls join us for Bowling for Boobies Kentucky, this team really knows how to keep the fun and competition going.  The ladies had worked hard on their skates the night before our event and still made it out to show their support for Busted Foundation.  The team captain, Neva Shakeababy was joined by Petal to the Metal, Florence Night in Hell, Heavy Chevy, Vaughn Babethoven, and Willy Wonkher.  Check out their bios, and their upcoming schedules for derby season. We will be anticipating their return to Bowling for Boobies Kentucky 2014.

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Two Boobies Bowling for Boobies Kentucky

Introducing Two Boobies! Two Boobies joined us this year for Bowling for Boobies Kentucky.  Andrew Jenkins is the captain of this awesome crew.  Combining the love of the game and goodwill Two Boobies brought a new dynamic to our event.  Shout outs to this awesome team, and we are keeping on eyes on you for next year!

Two Boobies

Two Boobies

Fit Life with Jessica!

Jessica, is an amazing supporter of Bowling for Boobies Kentucky.  Jessica is passionate about her community and provides fitness and nutritional guidance to her clients.  If you are looking to get back on track with your current fitness goals or develop new ones, call her today at 859-760-6191 or check out her out on facebook, click here!

Fit Life with Jessica, sponsor and Team winners for 2013

Fit Life with Jessica, sponsor and Team winners for 2013

Bowling for Boobies Kentucky

Bowling for Boobies Kentucky, a trade marked Busted Foundation event, was a great evening of camaraderie and fun as our community came together to create funding for local women undergoing the treatment of breast cancer.  The businesses and people who participated in this event are instrumental in getting funding started for the state of Kentucky.  Every action has a reaction, and with the support such amazing individuals Bowling for Boobies Kentucky has generated much needed funding for this state.

Star Lanes on the Levee, provided excellent customer service with an up-scale atmosphere, which created the perfect spot to host Bowling for Boobies Kentucky.
Special thanks to Kristina White and her impressive staff for all their help.  If you have an event coming up, check out Star Lanes on the Levee, I highly recommend them, give Stephanie a call today.

Sponsorships provided our guest with amazing specials and raffle items!  Check out our awesome sponsors:

Special appreciation to all of the volunteers!  Volunteers are crucial for any fundraising, and Bowling for Boobies Kentucky was fortunate to have people who gave their time to this event.  Volunteers are much needed and participation is necessary in order to obtain our goals for the state of Kentucky.  If you are interested in volunteering please send an email with you availability and point of interests.

The teams that participated in the event were all so amazing!  All enjoyed the game and had fun, despite the serious nature of the event.  A toast to success to you all for your participation, and here’s to 2014 and hope to see you all there. Consider joining or sponsor teams next year!  New teams are always welcomed.   Shout outs to the teams of 2013!

  • Fit Life with Jessica – Captain Jessica Hartig
  • Black n Bluegrass Roller Derby Girls – Captain Neva Shakeababy
  • Minds in the Gutter -  Captain -Jennifer Sandman
  • Two Boobies – Captain Niki Fox Tarter
  • CP Team – Captain-Carmel Jackson
  • Balls Deep – Captain Rod Burton

Donations from  local businesses provided the event with  fundraising raffles for the evening.  Supporters included:

Thank you all for your support for Kentucky!!


Back to the Future

Shout outs to G.S.P Entertainment for bringing a rave like atmosphere to the Thompson House with Back to the Future.  Who doesn’t love a themed party with a list of DJs to keep you dancing the night away? The line-up of DJs was massive to say the least.  So many DJs and not enough time.  The Chaotic Good, Meiosis, and Eros highlighted the evening. Each DJ only performed for about an hour, so early arrival for this event was the key to hearing a variety of sounds.

This area needs more shows like this!  So please keep them coming, and everybody attending, Theme-Up and get there early.  BTW DJs, add some branding material and promo items to your sets so the crowd knows who they are listening to. It sucks to hear an awesome set and not know who is playing it. And best believe when you try to ask people in the crowd, “who the dj is” the answer is always different.  Give us something to talk about!

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